Slave Friends

It is very hard to find genuine nice guys to work with us. Over 90% of guys who apply to be in shoots simply fail to turn up.

Our shoots are done in very friendly and relaxed environments. Swan shoots (those filmed at our own premises) are especially so.

We have a group of slave-friends who we have come to rely on, but due to family or work commitments cannot always be available. We fully appreciate this, of course.

We are always looking for new slave-friends to rely on.

What is a slave-friend?
Simply, just a nice person who is genuine and reliable. Our shoots are very laid back and fun affairs. Nobody is ever expected to do what they are uncomfortable with. We love to hear your ideas for shoot themes and welcome your directorial input.

Slave-friends can select clips for FREE from our stores. You can also stay in touch with us by phone, skype etc. We are always happy to speak with you and listen to your ideas and suggestions.


Slave-friends are most welcome to stay over at our place prior to the shoot if you are coming from afar or if travel is troublesome on day of shoot.

We would much prefer to have a well relaxed slave ready for the shoot, than risk waiting around for you guys stuck in traffic or facing delays on our efficient (not) railway service 🙂

After the shoot

Quite often, after a good shoot, we like to wind down and go to our local for something to eat and drink. Slave-friends are most welcome to join us. Again, you are welcome to stopover, so that you can leave, fresh the following day!